Five Reasons to Give Corporate Holiday Gifts

December 09, 2013 by Jamie Pritscher

The holidays are a great time for remembering all of the people who make your business what it is. This holiday season, maximize your gifting impact: give gifts that give back. Shop That’s Caring.


  1. A gift is a perfect way to show your employees, coworkers, partners and clients just how much you appreciate their hard work, loyalty, friendship and business. Giving a high-end gift basket from That’s Caring will express that appreciation with style, sophistication and deliciousness.
  1. The holidays are about spreading joy and cheer, and there is no better way to get in the spirit than through gifting gifts from a company that spreads joy and cheer year-round. When you purchase from That’s Caring, you are gifting items that are socially-responsible in a lot of ways: the baked goods are homemade and all natural, the confections are locally-sourced and the wine & cheese packages include items that are gourmet. Best of all, every gift you purchase from That’s Caring supplies food items for a weekend bag to help food-insecure children in our own country stay happy, healthy and energized.
  1. Show your favorite clients and customers how much you care with a gift basket filled with items to make their holidays just a little bit tastier. High-end gift baskets filled with confections, baked goods and wine & cheese combinations will help you stay top-of-mind as the new year rolls around, and your gift recipients will love knowing that their gift also helped hungry children receive the food they so desperately need
  1. Nothing promotes your business better than word-of-mouth advertising, and nothing gets the tongues rolling better than generosity. Gifting high-end gift baskets that give back showcases your company as socially-responsible and extremely classy, the kind of company with which a potential client would like to align him or herself.
  1. Every gift you purchase from That’s Caring supplies non-perishable food items for weekend bags which are then donated to hungry children in need right here in the United States. Shop That’s Caring and help make a difference in a child’s life.


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