Products We Love: Theo Chocolate

Theo Chocolate, another wonderful company with products that give back! That means that when you purchase Theo Chocolate from That’s Caring, you give back two-fold: once through a Weekend Bag to hungry child in need, and another to the earth itself.

Theo Chocolate is based in Seattle, Washington, and is the first organic and fair-trade “Fair for Life Bean to Bar Chocolate Factory” in all of North America. The company is dedicated to making the world a better place, and since 2006, they’ve been making the highest quality chocolate with cocoa beans grown through the most sustainable ways possible.

Theo Chocolate believes in the idea that everyone in the world is connected and responsible for each other, from cacao farmers in the Congo to truck drivers in the US to the chocolate lovers around the world that purchase the final products. Founder Joe Whinney first pioneered the supply of organic cocoa beans into the US in 1994, championing organic and fair trade practices over the next decade and beyond.

How do you know Theo Chocolate is as “green” as they say?

The company is founded on the principle that the finest artisan chocolate in the world should be produced in an entirely ethical and sustainable manner. Theo Chocolate’s cocoa beans come from a variety of ever-changing, sustainable sources. These farmer groups and grower cooperatives from all around the world including the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Peru and Tanzania, among others. All other ingredients used throughout the company are screed and 3rd party verified to meet standards of social and environmental responsibility.

  • Organic: they use only foods grown without synthetic pesticides or chemical fertilizers, contain zero genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and have not been irradiated or exposed to industrial solvents or food additives.
  • Fair trade: this concept guarantees that producers of goods have been paid a price that enables positive economic growth for both the individual and the region. 
  • Non-GMO: all products are free of genetically modified organisms, which are experimental plants or animals that have genetically engineered in a laboratory with DNA from other plants, animals, bacteria or viruses and have not been proven safe. 
Theo Chocolate: “Rooted in passion. Grounded in beliefs. Put into practice every day.”
For more information about Theo Chocolate, visit their website!