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    Every gift you purchase helps feed a child in need.

    We are partnered with Feeding America certified food banks across the US who help supply food-insecure children with weekend food bags. Each time you purchase a That’s Caring gift, we send funds to one of our partner food banks for the weekend bag program. Each food bank then creates the weekend bags and works directly with the schools who hand out the bags with care and discretion.

    The bags are distributed discretely to avoid drawing attention to a child in a delicate home situation. Bag in hand, each child goes home with enough food to eat comfortably for the entire weekend until he or she is back in school and able to receive school-provided meals.

    Each weekend bag includes products hand picked by child nutritionists that can stay fresh throughout the weekend. Items such as granola bars, cereal, canned fruits and vegetables, macaroni and cheese, juice boxes, and pudding are enjoyed by the kids and give them the sustenance they need.

    Hunger Fact

    13 million kids in the US live in food insecure households.

    Why weekend bags?

    Often times, for a child in a food-insecure household, the only meal he or she receives is one provided by his or her school. When that child goes home for the weekend, though, he or she no longer has that guaranteed daily meal. A weekend bag ensures that hungry children in our area have the fuel they need to:

    Be active. Kids in food-insecure households struggle with energy levels. Without the proper nutrition, children don’t have what they need to be active . A simple weekend bag could mean the difference between a sick child and a healthy one.

    Do homework. When anyone goes without sustenance for long enough, all tasks become a struggle. Children in food-insecure households have trouble focusing on homework assignments, papers and projects. Their imaginations suffer, and so does their ability to learn. The nutrition in these weekend bags lead to greater focus and attention on schoolwork.

    Gain confidence. Many children feel insecure when they’re not given enough to eat. Confidence levels drop and development is affected. But, when a child has enough food to not only last through the day but also to keep up relationships with peers, he or she gains confidence and starts to interact more with others.

    Where we give.

    While food insecurity is an epidemic felt around the world, hunger statistics in the U.S. alone are alarming. We have partnered with the following Feeding America partner food banks and plan to add more each year until we end the hunger epidemic.

    Northern Illinois Food Bank
    Weekend bags (52,925 meals)
    Food Bank of NE Georgia
    Weekend bags (12,356 meals)
    North Texas Food Bank
    Weekend bags (5,700 meals)
    LA Regional Food Bank
    Weekend bags (8,242 meals)
    Food Bank of Southeastern Michigan
    Weekend bags (4,632 meals)
    Capital Area Food Bank
    Weekend bags (5,691 meals)
    Community Food Bank of New Jersey
    Weekend bags (6,348 meals)
    Second Harvest Food Bank Charlotte
    Weekend bags (2,204 meals)
    Greater Boston Food Bank
    Weekend bags (1,722 meals)
    Low Country Food Bank, Charlotte
    Weekend bags (2,463 meals)
    Food Bank of the Rockies
    Weekend bags (1,482 meals)
    Elk Grove Junior High School
    Weekend bags (1,499 meals)
    Adlai Stevenson Elementary School
    Weekend bags (1,926 meals)

    Thanks to you we've provided 18,855 weekend bags so far. That's over 113,133 meals.

    Every gift sold helps feed a child in need. That's Caring.

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