Founder & CEO

Jamie Pritscher

The Co-Founder and CEO of That’s Caring, Jamie is one of the original masterminds behind the company’s tradition of responsible giving. As That’s Caring evolved over the past year, Jamie knew one thing for sure: the company would always have a give-back element associated with it. After reading the startling statistics about school-age children that go hungry, Jamie could not imagine those kids having to worry about food. In her own words, “Kids should be learning, having fun and living carefree, so if we can do something to ensure positive childhood development, then I want to do it.”

When she isn’t working, she enjoys traveling, seeing live music performances, spending time with her family and friends, and reading.

Director of Gifting and Giving

Tammy Miller

Tammy, the Director of Gifting and Giving, is usually the cheery voice you will hear on the phone when calling That's Caring. She is a former educator and recreational professional who works hand in hand with both clients and our food bank partners.

Tammy is a proud wife, mother and grandmother who believes: 

  1. To start each day with a grateful heart.
  2. To "bloom where you are planted" by creating positive moments and making a difference through opportunities that come to you.
  3. That success is the miracle that comes from hard work.
  4. That giving back to others is a win-win


    Tim Walter

    Tim, the CFO of That’s Caring, handles all aspects of business development for the company. A true no-nonsense businessman, Tim knows how to get results and make things happen. As CFO, Tim is proud to be part of company that goes above and beyond to give back to the Chicago-land community. And, best of all, he has the big picture vision that will be a driving force in taking That’s Caring nationally to help spread Giving Happiness and Helping Hunger.

    Being the dedicated entrepreneur that he is, Tim knows that “It’s not about the ideas, it’s about making the ideas happen,” and he lives that motto every day. When he isn’t working, Tim enjoys racing cars and spending time with his kids.

      Operations Director 

      Mandy Davis

      Mandy is the Operations Director at That’s Caring, utilizing her organizational skills to help with production whenever her help is needed. She believes that when you’re working, you should be able to “come in, get it done and enjoy yourself. If you are not enjoying what you do, what is the point?” She also believes in treating every day as if will be her last.

      When she isn’t working, Mandy enjoys being a Character Building leader at the Salvation Army Corps of Des Plaines, bowling and going to school. She loves what she does, and as long as she is bringing a smile to someone’s face, she will continue doing what she loves.