In 2008, the founders of That's Caring had an idea: a gift can make an impact on the life of more than one person.

We wanted to create a gift that not only strengthens relationships through delicious goods, but strengthen communities by doing good. As our parents and many others have said, actions speak louder than words. We believe how you give says a lot about the world you wish to live in.

First things first: We had to determine how we would make a difference. We knew that we wanted to provide an ethical, green alternative to the wasteful and eco-harming gifts that dominated the market, so we prioritized sustainability.

But this was not enough. While it was still important to consider the environment, we believed we could do more. Since 2013, we've focused our efforts on solving childhood hunger in the US (and kept sustainability in mind!).

And, over the years, we've learned to make a greater impact by trying to give with everything we do. We partner with many incredible companies and feature ethical, sustainable and charitable products in each of our gifts, doubling our impact. Partnering with OneHope wine, which is in all of our wine & cheese gifts, is one such example. 

We won’t change the world alone; we will change it together by giving good. We’re on a mission to make tomorrow better by giving today.

This is only the beginning of our story, and yours.

Our Mission

Give Happiness, Help Hunger: it's more than a saying, it's our mission.

Your That's Caring gift matters to two people: the person you give it to and the child you help feed. When you purchase a gift, it helps support weekend bag programs at food banks across the country.

Weekend bags provide food for hungry children outside of the National School Lunch Program, making sure that they are fed all seven days of the week.

To date, That's Caring gifts have provided over 505,230+ meals to children across the country. Not only are you giving a coworker, client, friend or loved one the happiness that gifts bring, you're also providing a child with the chance to thrive.

Our Gifts

At That's Caring, we believe in giftlanthropy: a made-up word to describe the very real practice of philanthropy through gifting. And we wouldn't be giftlanthropists without gifts.

We have three rules that we always consider when creating a gift; it must taste great, it must look amazing and it must give back.

These rules make sure that we are always making everyone involved happy and that we deliver on our promise to Give Happiness and Help Hunger.

Our gifts that give back come in three different categories: snacks & confections, treats from a local baker and wine & cheese assortments. Each gift is carefully curated with different preferences, purposes and personalities in mind, ensuring that we offer something for everyone.

Our Impact

Thank you for helping us provide over 505,230+ weekend meals so far.

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