Ways to Get Involved Fighting Hunger in Your Own Community

March 22, 2014 by Emily Copeland
If you’re as passionate about fighting hunger and helping food-insecure children and families as we are, you’re probably wondering how you can get more involved. Of course, purchasing from one-for-one companies like us helps, but there are always ways to do more.

Here are a few organizations you can contact for more information about volunteering in your area. You’d be surprised what volunteer opportunities a simple Google search can turn up!

Food banks are everywhere, and they’re always looking for volunteers to make donations, sort donations, and distribute those donations to the hungry people who come in. If any of those tasks sound interesting, check your phone book or search for “food banks in [insert your city name here]” to get appropriate contact information.

Food drives happen for pretty much any organization these days. You know the drill: a company decides it wants to help give back, and then employees and their families and friends donate non-perishable goods to be dropped off at a specified food bank, shelter, or other organization. Keep your eyes peeled for fliers at your local supermarkets, community centers, religious places of worship and schools, or do an internet search for “food drives in [insert your city name here]” for more local food drives.

Soup kitchens have come a long way, and the number of locations have multiplied in cities across the nation and worldwide. If you have any interest in helping the less fortunate get a hot meal, contact a local soup kitchen and get involved. You have your choice from a number of tasks, including preparing food to be served, serving food on the hot food line, cleaning dishes in the kitchen, bussing dirty dishes from finished meals, filling water glasses and many other options. Best of all, you’re helping families get the sustenance they need.

Contacting a giving organization, such as a church, local food-related charity like Loaves & Fishes, or other groups that help sponsor families in need can be a great help to hungry people of all ages. Keep kids and their families fed by giving monetarily or helping to sponsor a family through non-perishable food item donations. Google search “adopting families in [insert your city name here]” for more information about organizations that help hungry families and need your help.

Shelters for women and children, or organizations like the YMCA, help single parents, at-risk families, and many individuals and kids with nowhere else to go. Donations to these organizations help people in their in-between phases as they do their best to get back on their feet and provide for their families. Contact local shelters for information on how you can help make these at-risk families more comfortable.

Participate in fun runs and fundraisers for charities, especially those that help support hungry children, hungry families, food banks and other food-related and assistance-based charities. These fun runs happen everywhere, and they are always looking for able-bodied participants to raise money and awareness!

Hosting a bag packing event is a fun one that can help people of all ages get involved in an amazing cause. Decide on a date and location, make up fliers containing all relevant information, distribute them to local businesses and community centers, market for the event through social media and word-of-mouth through family and friends, and then collect and distribute donations through a local charity. For more information about hosting your own packing event, view our blog post.