What to Write in Cards for Gifts: Gratitude & Thanks

September 17, 2012 by Jamie Pritscher

You’ve picked out a That’s Caring Gifts That Give Back as a show of Gratitude or Thanks for a teacher for a great year of classes, for an aunt who helped you learn piano, for a church group leader who has helped to organize a multitude of fundraisers, or something of the sort.  Choosing a sustainable giftto express your thanks or gratitude was easy, but now comes the time to pick out what to write in theaccompanying card.  Need a few ideas?  Read on!

Standard Gratitude and Thanks Notes

These notes are going to be pretty simple and relatively short.  It’s easy to write what you’re thankful for and personalize it with the recipient’s name!  Writing both will show the recipient exactly why you are grateful, and adding the name demonstrates that you took special time to think of this gift.  Try a note similar to this:

“Thank you so much for [enter occasion here], [enter name here]!”

  • “Thank you so much for all of your help at the church fundraiser, Helen!”
  • “Thank you so much for a great year of classes, Jennifer!”
  • “Thank you for opening your home to us last week, Alex and Shannon!”

Formal Gratitude and Thanks Notes

Formal Gratitude and Thanks notes are notes geared toward a gift for someone who is a work or educational superior, formal acquaintance, a boss, a professor or teacher, or in any situation when you’re addressing someone using a formal title.  Any time you need to address someone formally in a gift or greeting card while expressing your thanks and gratitude, try this:

“Thank you, Mr. (or Mrs. Or Ms.) [enter last name here], for [enter occasion here]!”

  • “Thank you, Mr. Johnson, for your donation to our cause!”
  • “Thank you, Mrs. Oliver, for teaching our sixth grade class this year!”
  • “Thank you, Mr. & Mrs. Leonardson, for house sitting for us!”

Informal Gratitude and Thanks Notes

If you’re writing a Gratitude or Thanks note to close friends, friends, family, coworkers with which you are amiable, colleagues with whom you enjoy working, and in other “friendly” situations, use something light and fun.  Thanking someone for letting you borrow a car to get to the airport, or expressing gratitude for a good recommendation in an interview, or telling a tutor how much he or she has helped a student?  Use any of these:

  • “Thanks [enter name here], for [enter occasion here!]”
  • “Thanks, Sam, for tutoring Tessie in math this semester!”
  • “Thank you for [enter occasion here], [enter name here]!  Your help was greatly appreciated!”
  • “Thank you for volunteering with us, Thomas!  Your help was greatly appreciated!”
  • “Thanks for [enter occasion here], [enter name here]!”
  • “Thanks for letting me borrow your car, Amy!”

When All Else Fails

Still not sure your note will fit the recipient of your gift?  You can never go wrong with the ultimate form of a simple Gratitude or Thanks note:

“Thank you!” – [enter sender’s name here]

  • “Thank you!” – Stuart
  • “Thanks for everything!” – Uncle Alan & Aunt Joy
  • “So grateful for your help!” – Laura

 How do you say thank you?  Let us know and comment below.