What to Write in Cards for Gifts: Good Luck/Well Wishes

May 01, 2013 by Jamie Pritscher

So, you’ve decided on a That’s Caring gift to give to a special someone as a gesture of Good Luck or Well Wishes.  Perhaps you have a coworker that’s relocating to another office, or your sister is leaving for her first semester of college, or your best friend and her husband are moving to another city to start their life together.  Whatever the reason, yoursustainable gift has been selected and you’re debating what to write in the accompanying card.  Here are a few ideas to help get your card writing creative juices flowing!

Standard Good Luck and Well Wishes Notes

These are good luck and well wishes are perfect for when you want to get your point across simply and concisely.  Writing something like this will show the recipients that you know what is new in their lives and you’re excited for them, but in a simple and to-the-point manner:

“Good luck with your [enter occasion here], [enter name here]!”

  • “Good luck with your big move, John!”
  • “Good luck with your first semester of college, Annabelle!”
  • “Good luck with getting settled into your new home, Kelly and Simon!

Formal Good Luck and Well Wishes Note

These are notes that are perfect for giving a gift to someone who is a work or educational superior, formal acquaintance, a boss, a professor or teacher, or in any situation when you’re addressing someone using a formal title.  It’s important to know when you’re able to use informal well wishes and formal ones—so any time you need to address someone formally in a gift or greeting card, try this

“Good luck Mr. (or Mrs. Or Ms.) [enter last name here], with your [enter occasion here]!”

  • “Good luck, Mr. Henry, with your move to the corporate office!”
  • “Good luck, Mrs. Tyler, on your first semester of teaching!”
  • “Good luck, Mr. & Mrs. Brown, on your new home!”

Informal Good Luck and Well Wishes Notes

Use a less formal Good Luck or Well Wishes note when you want to address close friends, friends, family, coworkers with which you are amiable, colleagues with whom you enjoy working, and other “friendly” situations.  These are perfect for wishing your friend luck on her next job interview, telling your mom you’re rooting for her when she runs her next 5K, or telling someone special that you’re hoping for the best for them in their newest business endeavor.

“Good luck [enter name here], with [enter occasion here]!”

  • “Good luck, Jenna, with your job interview today!”
  • “Good luck on your [enter occasion here], [enter name here]!  You’ll do great!”
  • “Good luck on your race, Mom!  You’ll do great!
  • “Good luck in your [enter occasion here], [enter name here]!”
  • “Good luck  in your business venture, Jeff!”

When All Else Fails

Still not sure your note will fit the recipient of your gift?  You can never go wrong with the ultimate form of a simple congratulatory note:

“Good luck!” – [enter sender’s name here]

  • “Good luck!” – Michael
  • “Best of luck!” – Mary
  • “Wishing you all the best!” – Uncle Ron & Aunt Linda