Food Bank Partner: Food Bank of Northeast Georgia

October 29, 2015 by Jamie Pritscher

About: Since their start in 1992, the Food Bank of Northeast Georgia (FBNG) has made over 79 million meals, committed to their mission of alleviating poverty and helping the hungry. In 2013 alone, they made 9 million meals, thanks to their supportive community and absolute dedication to the cause.


Backpack Program: The FBNG found that school wasn’t just for learning for the youth in the community, for some it was kids only source of food. They created a program called Food 2 Kids to alleviate the worry about food on nights and weekends. Students go home with a bag of snacks and meals that require no cooking and nutritious. This is the only program at FBNG that relies on monetary donations as food is purchased to ensure food is nutritional, child friendly, and balanced to support growing children.


Education: The FBNG helps to bring awareness through different events along with volunteer opportunities. They offer the community to old their own food drives and compete in fun competitions such as the Hunger Bowl.

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