Giving Happiness: Sock Panda

August 19, 2016 by Jake Pritscher


     I put my socks on just like the rest of you, one foot at a time. Except, once my socks are on, I’m giving back in style thanks to Sock Panda's One for One Sockscription. Every time you receive a pair of socks, you give a pair to someone in need. Through the years, Sock Panda’s sockscribers donated over 50,000 socks to homeless shelters, low income senior centers, and under-privileged classrooms in America: That's Caring. 


     Sock Panda launched in 2011 with the vision to create amazingly colorful, fun and fashionable socks that Give Back. These socks are produced with high quality materials from the family-run enterprise Indutexa, who also produces socks for Adidas, Reebok and Fila.

     Sock Panda has socks for kids, tweens and adults, as well as custom-designed
 socks for you and your family, friends or company! Choose one of their sockscriptions or design your own that will surely knock your shoes off.

      For kids, each pair of socks comes with a new brain teaser, games, crafts and stickers. The tweens sockscription provides two fun and stylish socks every month.


     For adults, men can choose between Stylish & Suave, Daring and Bold or a combination of both.


     Women can choose between Patterns & Prints, Wild & Crazy or a combination of the two. You can receive one or two pairs a month.


     Billing for the sockscription can be done monthly, every six months, or yearly. Choosing the six month or yearly option gives a discounted sockscription price.

     Sock Panda is giving happiness and helping Americans live a more comfortable, fashionable lifestyle with their social good business model, one foot at a time.


That's Caring