Giving a gift should be simple. But sometimes, finding the right gift to give a corporate connection can be a challenge. That's Caring offers a variety of gifts that target different preferences, purposes and personalities, making sure that you'll be able to find a gift that gives back for everyone. The best part? Whatever gift you choose, you'll be making a difference to more than one person. Each gift supports weekend bag programs across the US, providing hungry children with nutritious meals on the weekends when they aren't supported by the National School Lunch Program. Corporate connections are sure to appreciate not only the delicious gift, but also the difference it makes. You can learn more about our corporate gifting programs below.

(1) Choose Your Program

We want to help you give, so we are always willing to be flexible and meet your needs. After all, your gift should be perfect! For corporate giftlanthropists, we offer the following programs: Annual & holiday gifting programs Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly automatic gifting Custom gifting whenever needed. Keep in mind that if you have a different idea that would work better for you, we would love to hear it!

Annual & Holiday Gifting Programs

For several of our corporate clients, we arrange to send a large amount of custom gifts once a year, such as during the holiday season. We'll decide on one or more gift styles together, then create as many as you need and send them to everyone on your list.

Weekly, Bi-weekly or Monthly Automatic Gifting

Some of our giftlanthropists give gifts via reward programs, for partnership anniversaries, to newly-signed clients and for other miscellaneous purposes. We work together to design their gifts, then ask them each week or month, whatever works best, how many of each gift they'd like to send. That way, gifting can be almost automatic and as easy as possible for you.

Custom Gifting Whenever Needed

If you simply aren't sure when exactly you're going to need gifts, we can work with that, too. After designing and customizing the initial gifts, we can keep your designs on file to create and send gifts whenever the need arises.

(2) Customize & Brand

Speaking of customization, that's one of the most popular services requested by corporate clients. We are always willing to work with you to create the perfect gift, whatever that may be.

There are two different questions to consider when creating a custom corporate gift box: What does it look like? What's inside?

As for what it looks like, we can custom design and brand these elements for your company:

  • Bands
  • Cards
  • Labels

As for what's inside the gift box, we are always willing to find and create new treats and snacks that are exactly what you're looking for.

Once we dream up an initial box together, we'll create it and send it to you so you can experience the gift yourself. This way, we'll make sure that it looks (and tastes!) exactly like you imagined.

You can see an example of customized corporate gifts here.

(3) Give Your Gifts, Make an Impact

Once we create the perfect gift together, we hand-pack your entire order and ship it out to everyone on your list. We'll keep the designs of your gifts in our files so you can easily order the next set of gifts. This is when the most important part of a That's Caring gift happens.

Proceeds from your gift go to food banks across the country and help feed children living in food-insecure households. You can learn more about our mission to Give Happiness and Help Hunger here.

Ready to Create Your Corporate Gift?

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