While food insecurity is an epidemic felt around the world, hunger statistics in the U.S. alone are alarming.  And, Chicago’s Cook County, our county, has the fourth highest number of food insecure children in the nation.

We see the difficulties faced by food-insecure children every day in our own backyard.  Many students in our district rely on school lunch programs as their main source of nourishment, which means that during the weekend those students don’t always have the support they need nutrition-wise.  So, we decided to partner with a local school to set up a weekend bag program, helping feed local kids at home throughout the school year. We have since been fortunate enough to be able to expand the reach of our giving to include other areas nationwide.

Every gift you send from our selection of high-end gift lines equals supplies for weekend meals for children right here in the U.S. 

Our current partnerships  with Northern Illinois Food Bank, North Texas Food Bank and Food Bank of Northeast Georgia help to provide weekend meals to food-insecure children in school districts across the U.S.  The students who receive our weekend meals are either classified as homeless or as part of a low-income family without the resources to provide enough food to go around.

The children’s well-being is always our top priority.  While we’d love to show you the happy faces of all the children we help with our weekend meal program, the bags are distributed in confidence to young, at-risk and at-need students to help maintain privacy in this delicate situation.These weekend bags not only feed these children, but also help these young students increase their homework productivity, strengthen their overall health and immune systems, enhance their play and exercise experiences and help grow their confidence levels. This gives them the energy and fuel they need to grow into positive, happy people.

We will be looking to further expand our program into additional food banks—both locally and throughout the rest of the country—to help those students who need our aid the most.

Learn more about how we began our weekend bag program and Giving Happiness, Helping Hunger when you visit About Us.


Thank you for giving.