Double your corporate gifting impact: buy a gift, and give a gift to a hungry child in need.

8.6 million children live in food insecure households across the US.

When you give a That’s Caring gift, you help feed one of those children. When you make your corporate gift option That’s Caring gifts, you help us feed even more underprivileged children!

How Your Company Can Give with That’s Caring

That’s Caring offers corporate gifts for holidays, thank yous, introductions, partnerships, employee appreciations, milestones, event favors and more.

The gifts, however, are so much more than delectable delights because each gift gives twice—once to the recipient and once to a hungry child.

Recipients enjoy homemade bakery treats, sweet confections or wine & cheese collections while the giver enjoys the satisfaction of bringing a smile to a child in need. For each That’s Caring gift sold, we work with local food banks to feed children in food insecure households across the US.

Currently, we work with food banks in some of the poorest, most densely populated areas of the US, helping with food-insecure households in Illinois, Georgia and Texas in our own version of a one-for-one business model. We believe in gifts that give back.

About our Gifts:

  • You’re giving the best around! That’s Caring is a high-end gift company with homemade, gourmet, artisan products that your recipients will love.
  • We handle the shipping! All you do is send us your gift list and we take care of the rest. Your gifts will be sent directly to your list of recipients with no work on your part.
  • You can customize! If you are interested in including your logo, branded packaging, special cards and materials or more, we will work with you to create customized gifts for your recipients.
  • You have a variety of useful, thoughtful gifts! We offer three separate corporate gift options: collections from the bakery, confections and wine & cheese gifts.
  • Ordering is simple! Our collections are available online. You can order directly from the website, or you can phone in your orders (and custom order requests) directly to our office.
  • You’re giving twice! All gifts equal meals for children in food insecure households, so you are giving two gifts with everyone.

Shop That’s Caring and make a difference:

For more information on corporate or bulk orders, please give us a call at 224-366-5323 or email for more information.